Abilities Movement's focus is to develop a comprehensive plan that emphasizes the goals of each individual and their families.  We partner with community organizations, local businesses, and disability-oriented services in Monroe and surrounding counties to help provide integration opportunities. We work closely with self-directed programs to help build classes around the needs of individuals.  Our organization is open to all and has no limitation to who we serve. 
Connecting  People and Community Through Fitness
AM provides comprehensive classes:
  • Individual Fitness/Personal Training

  • Adapted Fitness/Personal Training

  • Adapted Fitness/Personal Training/Personal Training for Individuals who have Severe Medical Needs

  • Group Fitness/Group Adapted Fitness

  • Community Fitness Support Consulting/Training

  • Adapted Basketball Team – Mighty Dunks

  • Power Wheelchair Soccer Team – Rochester Speed Demons

Our Philosophy

AM develops opportunities within the community for all to access.  We serve Monroe and surrounding counties collaborating with other not for profits as well as local businesses.  Our goal is to provide services and programs that help support individuals of all needs and their families, including those with physical and developmental disabilities.   

Our History

Michael Tuller created Abilities Movement (f/n/a Adapted Recreation Services) in May 2010 as a sole-proprietorship and offered a mix of individual recreational therapy and group activities. Mr. Tuller holds a MSEd degree in adapted physical education and health, and has 20 years experience in managing recreational programs for people with disabilities with some of Rochester’s leading not-for-profit agencies.

Given that the majority of AM’ clients are receiving varied services provided by other local not-for-profit agencies, and that AM was also collaborating with several of these agencies to provide mutually beneficial programs, it made good business sense to have AM become a not-for-profit agency itself.

Achieving this goal would help reduce the cost of programs, allow more collaborative program opportunities, and offer scholarships to those who need it. In September 2012, AM began the lengthy process and finally was granted 503c not-for-profit agency status in February 2015. In March of 2019, Adapted Recreation Services changed its name to Abilities Movement.

Mr. Tuller, who now serves as the Executive Director of AM, also develops the programming, and fosters relationships with other not-for-profits and community organizations—all dedicated to promoting recreational opportunities for people with disabilities. Several board members provide AM’s oversight—all parents of people with disabilities—that provide guidance and support in the areas of business strategy, finance, marketing, and fundraising.

The programs and services offered by AM are delivered throughout Rochester and the surrounding communities using rented or donated space. AM has developed relationships with many not-for-profit agencies, community centers, schools, and private fitness centers to use their facilities to develop and deliver AM programming to individuals within their communities.

© 2019 Abilities Movement

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